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Handling all of your Auto Repair and Serving Needs in Temple Hills, Oxon Hill, Suitland and Capitol Heights, MD

Is your car in need of a Maryland State Inspection? Are your brakes making that awful “metal-to-metal” scraping sound? Are you in need of a simple oil change? No matter if you need to replace your brakes or engine, S & H has you covered for any of your Auto Repair & Service needs.

Check out our Auto Repair Services:

  • Maryland Inspections: Most used vehicles must pass a Maryland State Inspection before hitting the road. S & H Auto Repair has the cheapest Maryland Inspection price in the area starting at $70 an inspection.
  • Oil Changes: Is your vehicle creeping up on 3,000 miles since its last service? Is your car long over do for an oil change? Call S & H Auto Repair to get your oil changed today. A conventional oil change will cost you $19.99 for up to 5 qts at S & H.
  • Brake: S & H is here to help you maintain your brakes properly for all your vehicles. We can check your brakes during our full car inspections. Don’t let shrilling brakes go unnoticed. Come to S & H and get those looked at today.
  • Engine Diagnostics & Changes: S & H Auto’s trained professional technicians can diagnose an engine problem and fix it before it becomes a serious issue. We are trained on vehicles old to new so you know you’re getting the highest quality service. If your “check engine light” is on, don’t wait. Call us today to have one of our trained mechanics fix your car’s engine.
  • Transmission Inspections: At S & H Auto we will thoroughly diagnose any transmission issue and create a plan to repair the problem. We will test your vehicle, the appropriate fluids and transmission levels to diagnose and fix the problem the first time. Don’t ignore a serious auto problem that can be fixed with simple repairs. Call S & H today.
  • Air Conditioning: Keep your vehicle cool and comfortable during those hot summer months. We perform complete diagnostics on faulty air conditioning. Check out our $59.99 AC Charge Special!
  • Cooling Systems: Cooling systems protect your car from both hot and cold weather and should be checked every couple years. Maintain your Cooling System properly by bringing it in to S & H Auto Repair today. Our team will service your cooling system with the appropriate fluids for your make and model.
  • Batteries: S & H can test and replace faulty batteries for your vehicle. Choosing the right battery for your vehicle is imperative to run your car properly and avoid any auto issues down the road. Let the professionals at S & H Auto test your car battery today.
  • Tires: Tires are what keep your car running and you and your family safe while travelling. If your tires need replacing, call S & H Auto Repair today. We can replace bad tires while restoring the safety of you and your family.

Can't find what you're looking for?

If your car needs something that isn’t mentioned in the services listed above, call S & H Auto Repair. If we can’t help you with your Auto Repair & Service needs, we can recommend someone who can. Customer satisfaction built the foundation of our business and we want to build a relationship with each one of our clients. If we can’t fix your problem, we will help you find someone who can. Call S & H today!